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Dj Whitelions BIO

Hello my name is jeffrey thomas micheal levenne i was born in winnipeg manitoba canada and i move to ontario canada at a young age i started listening to the oldies when i was younger by my teen years i was listening to techno house club music and reggae hip hop rap and some dance hall. When i was about 15 someone took me to a thing called a rave.

and thats where they were playing some music gerne called happy hardcore with a mc yelling out lyrics on a mic and i fell in love with it and over time i went to more raves so many i cant remeber all the names. Then one day i was invited to a club called sunshine waynes and there i heard a amazing sound it was called jungle drum and bass and ragga jungle it was all my music but with a nastier and heavy drum beat and hard bass lines.

And i just wanna say massive respect to wayne dj bass ryde R.I.P. he play some of the greats music to gert tmy love going for the music and by my 20's i had already started my vinyl collection and bought a pair of turn tables and by 2003 i meet a guy who became my best friend dj dennis steven R.iP. . Dennis was my greats friend we had same taste in music genres and love vinyl. And on june 4th 2008 GOD hired dennis to be his start Dj R.I.P. denny musics still pumping and i'll see you soon.



In 2015 I started running my own websites and managing my own domain servers and network and well running everything from in house truejunglistproductions.com and niagara905pirateradio.com djwhitelion.com and i manage everything myself i never went to school my hole life but when i got older i managed to get certified by microsoft and comptia and apple. And i handle all my own graphical desing and photography. And well everything i do and have learned is all a hobby and its growen from there.

The Studio

I've Build my collection of equitment over the years i have 4 technics 1200's and 4 midi keyboards and a selections of computers on my network and i used reason and cubase for producing and graphical design i use photoshop and i have a nikon D5100.