Welcome to JB Photography

Hello I Am Jeff Burtt I am a amateur photographer and i do custom photo's and graphic design.

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Digital Design

I can design pertty much anything from calanders to photobooks and greating cards as well as i enjoy editing pictures to look old and damaged.


My Equitment consist of one Imac and a macbook pro and a ipad for instant viewing of all your personal images i take. As well as i use a nikon D5100 with a 18 to 55 mm lens aswell as i carry a 55 to 200 mm lens and a 10 mega pixal camera for the kids to use so not only is the pictures fun for the hole family but it lets you see the photography from your childrens eyes aswell. And most photos can be edited onsite providing there is either enough time left over or a second photographer with me.


Are As follows

Package 1: Price$100.00

all photos are digital copies and are either provided to you in a email and all pictures will be taken on any setting you like. Time For this package is 1 hour.

1 - 8X10

2 - 5X7

1 - Sheet Of Wallets

Package 2: Price $200.00

Same As Package 1 but you have a 2 hour time set

Package 3: Price $350.00

All images will be given to you either of a dvd or the memory card directly to after they have been copied to my database for digital editing with this package you get a 4 hour booking pictures to be taken where ever you choose aswell as a 3 custom images designed onsite for you to have to share with friends and family.


All printing is not covered in any of the pricing. Printing is additional cost and is subject to change and the cost of what ever the standard fees are at that time. So if a 8X10 Cost 5 Dollars to print it will cost you 10 dollars for us to print them.

And as for booking time on the date of the contract signing 50% of package fees need to be paid upfront and the other 50% can be paid on the day of the photoshoot. And any cancellations will void the contract and all paid fees will be taken unless i the photographer cancel the photoshoot then another day will be booked for your at no extra cost.